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Specialty Services

Refrigeration & Mechanical Services knows that each industry is different and each organization has specific requirements. Our specialties include agriculture storage, controlled atmospheres, retail display chillers, swimming pool dehumidification, and hybrid geothermal systems.

Our experienced engineers will use their expertise to help you determine the exact types of equipment that will help your organization continue to grow and exceed its goals.

Produce Storage Systems Grand Rapids

Produce & Agricultural Storage

We care about keeping your fruits and vegetables fresh and specialize in agriculture and produce storage systems.

Distillery Barrels

Breweries, Distilleries, & Wineries

RMS Pros are experienced Refrigeration, HVAC, Ammonia, and brewery system installers throughout Michigan.

Temperature Controlled Storage Grand Rapids

Controlled Atmospheres

We design and install temperature controlled storage systems that can optimize your facility's production and storage requirements.

Commercial Display Cooler Grand Rapids

Retail Display Coolers

Allow us help you choose the right type of retail display cooler to showcase and preserve your products or ingredients.

Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers Grand Rapids

Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers

Our experienced engineers focus on providing cost effective solutions for the dehumidification of commercial indoor swimming pools.

Industrial Chiller Systems Grand Rapids MI

Hybrid Geothermal Systems

Our hybrid geothermal systems use a combination of geothermal resources and outdoor air to heat or cool a facility more efficiently.


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