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Ammonia systems are ideal for any facility that needs to regulate several different temperatures across multiple areas of their facility all from one central ammonia room location. For example, if you own a cherry farm you probably move your cherries from a holding cooler, to a pull-down freezer or cooler, to the process & packaging cooler, then to the pre-shipment cooler before they're loaded and shipped off. This process requires each area to be a different temperature in order to keep the cherries fresh and to get them shipped out in a timely manner. This process can become very costly without an efficient system that is able to handle the energy needed to keep each area at the consistent temperature required.

Ammonia refrigeration systems are perfect for a variety of facilities and industries and Refrigeration & Mechanical Systems can provide complete design/build services for any new facility or addition. New advancements in technology also allow older systems to perform at a more efficient level. Refrigeration & Mechanical Services can save you money by helping you determine exactly what kind of upgrades your system needs.


  • Industrial Food Processing Facilities
  • Cold Storage Facilities
  • Meat Packaging & Processing Facilities
  • Controlled Atmosphere Storages (CA Rooms)
  • Fruit & Vegetable Growers


Safety is an extremely important aspect of using an ammonia system and routine checks are required. We are experienced with helping businesses complete the needed safety checks and receive or maintain certifications for ammonia systems. There are multiple options and ways to improve safety including adding ammonia engine room safety controls and ventilation to help limit the risk of ammonia leak exposer.


Interested in finding out exactly how efficient or safe your system is and how it can be improved? Refrigeration & Mechanical Systems can perform an AMMONIA SYSTEM AUDIT for your facility! We can also create a maintenance plan to help you manage your ammonia system yourself and keep it running at its full potential.


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