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HVAC Load Calculations

Our contractors can assess the efficiency of your facility to determine the exact HVAC equipment you will need to efficiently heat and cool your building.

Over sized systems quickly heat or cool your indoor environment, but cycle off again just as quickly. These short cycles don’t allow substantial time for systems to circulate the air properly, which can lead to a build-up of humidity and potential damage to equipment. The significant strain on the system’s equipment also results in uncomfortable shifts of temperature creating poor indoor air quality for customers and employees.

Undersized systems simply can’t handle the load to keep a facility at a comfortable temperature and can wear down quickly, resulting in high repair and maintenance costs.

HVAC Load Specifications

  • Peak Heating and Cooling Loads
  • Metric and English Calculations
  • Air Quantity
  • Outside Air Loads
  • Room Loads
  • Air Handling

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The expert team at Refrigeration & Mechanical Services can help configure the HVAC load calculations for your facility, anywhere in the West Michigan and greater Grand Rapids areas. Please, contact us today to request a free consultation and discover the benefits of knowing how your facility is performing.



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