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  • Commercial Refrigeration Grand Rapids

    Commercial Refrigeration

    Providing solutions and products for any commercial refrigeration need. We offer a wide variety of systems integration and can customize our equipment to meet your needs.

  • Commercial HVAC Grand Rapids

    HVAC Services

    Our commercial HVAC experts have the knowledge and experience to take on large or small scale projects, whether an agriculture storage facility or a new brewery.

  • Refrigeration Systems Grand Rapids


    Refrigeration & Mechanical Services can install any type of chiller to provide just the right temperature, humidity, and ventilation that will create an ideal environment to protect your products.

  • Michigan Save Authorized Contractor


    Both commercial and residential finanicing options available through Michigan Saves.

Grand Rapids Refrigeration and Mechanical Services

Refrigeration and Mechanical Services specializes in HVAC systems, refrigeration systems, and agriculture storage and cooling. Our experienced technicians have the capabilities to design and build any large or small scale project anywhere in West Michigan and Greater Grand Rapids areas.

We can also retrofit or modify your existing system, as well as, offer 24/7 maintenance support, consultation services, and can offer a second opinion on any project. Let us partner with your organization to build an efficient and reliable system.

Commercial Refrigeration Grand Rapids

Commercial Refrigeration

Design and build the right refrigeration system for your facility.

Commercial HVAC Grand Rapids

Commercial HVAC

Optimize the indoor atmosphere and energy efficiency of your facility.

Specialty Services Grand Rapids

Specialty Services

Install the exact equipment required for your organization to succeed.

Grand Rapids HVAC Services

HVAC Service

Offering maintenance contracts and 24 hour emergency service.



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