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At Refrigeration and Mechanical Services, we understand that managing energy consumption is a top priority for businesses looking to reduce utility costs and improve sustainability. That's why we offer comprehensive energy management solutions that include HVAC control systems and utility systems management.


Our team has the expertise and resources to implement a proven energy management solution that will lower utility costs and improve your company's sustainability. We provide a thorough assessment of your energy use and implement an effective system for budgeting costs. From systems integration and automated controls to power monitoring and demand control, our integrated HVAC systems will operate at peak performance, reducing your organization’s energy costs.

Our HVAC control systems include:

  • HVAC automation
  • HVAC load calculations
  • HVAC controls

With our energy management plan designed to accommodate all budgets and facility types, we can ensure better sustainability. Take control of your energy costs through our services and expertise and improve your bottom line.


In addition to HVAC control systems, we also offer utility systems management solutions. Our team can help you integrate all of your building systems, including lighting, HVAC, and security, into a single, easy-to-use platform. This integration allows for better monitoring and control of energy consumption, leading to reduced costs and improved sustainability.

Our utility systems management solutions include:

  • Systems Integration
  • Power Monitoring and Demand Control

By implementing these solutions, we can help you take control of your energy consumption and reduce your organization's utility costs.

At RMS Pros, we are committed to helping businesses reduce their energy consumption and improve sustainability. Our comprehensive energy management solutions, including HVAC control systems and utility systems management, are designed to accommodate all budgets and facility types. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you improve your bottom line while reducing your environmental impact.