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RMS is a Michigan Saves authorized contractor for both residential and commercial properties. When applying for financing make sure to use our Authorized Contractor code - 101003

RMS Pros is Michigan Saves Program Authorized Contractor #101003

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Financing Options including the Michigan Saves Program for commercial refrigeration services and solutions


If you consistently find that your old equipment just keeps breaking and costing money for costly repairs due to age and over use, you will be very interested in the Michigan Saves program. Michigan Saves was started to help both home owners and business owners receive fast-tracked lending for energy equipment upgrades.

New efficient equipment not only saves money on repairs, but you can see significant returns on energy savings, simultaneously help reduce your energy footprint and environmental impact. The Michigan Saves program can also help you earn valuable future ENERGY REBATES. You deserve a return on your energy efficiency upgrades and Refrigeration & Mechanical Services is here to help.


Refrigeration & Mechanical Services can provide the resources and skills to implement a reliable energy management solution that will lower utility costs and improve your company's sustainability.

We are a proud Carel Controls carrier and believe the right control system in place has a huge impact on a facility's energy efficiency. Carel Controls are a leader in controls product technology and offer innovative solutions manufactured with high standards of quality and accuracy.

Controls Explained

When thinking about controls consider the analogy of the gas pedal of your vehicle. When you're driving you don't floor it every time you accelerate. You adjust the pressure on the gas pedal according to the distance you need to travel and the time you need to get there. If your driving through a parking lot, you drive slow and apply light pressure. If your traveling on the freeway, you apply harder pressure until you reach a higher speed then you set your cruise control.

Adding controls to your refrigeration system is much like using the gas pedal and cruise control. You can set the system to use the appropriate amount of energy exactly when and to what temperature your equipment needs to be at. This way you do not have to turn the system on full blast to adjust temperatures at the last minute. Controls keep your facility at the right temperature using the most efficient amount of energy.


We can create an Energy Performance Contract to use the money saved by improving efficiency and lowering utility costs, to pay for additional equipment upgrades to continue improving your facility. This creative financing option keeps up-front costs down and simultaneously allows for equipment upgrades to be made. There are also several energy rebates available and the Michigan Saves Program, which helps businesses receive financing for energy efficient equipment upgrades.

Lower your energy costs and save even more with energy rebates for your new and improved refrigeration solutions

Energy Rebates

Energy costs can be burdensome at times for all types of business and can account for a huge portion of operating costs. Refrigeration & Mechanical Services can help you discover how your business can receive valuable energy rebates through equipment upgrades and implementing more efficient energy management systems and controls.

You can feel good about reducing your energy footprint and smile about the savings you'll receive from a wise investment for your organization.

Potential Rebates:

  • Building Performance Monitoring
  • Power Monitoring and Controls
  • HVAC Controls
  • New Energy Efficient Refrigeration Equipment
  • Incentives for Audit Completions
  • Michigan Saves

Take control of your energy costs through our services and expertise and improve your bottom line.