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Heat Exchanger Inspections Prevent Downtime, Inefficiencies, and Safety Concerns

Heat Exchanger Inspections Prevent Downtime, Inefficiencies, and Safety Concerns

Heat exchangers are one of the most overlooked and vital components throughout heating systems and are highly important for the efficiency and safety of your operation. Cracked heat exchangers can dispense carbon monoxide, a colorless, odorless, and potentially harmful gas, into the air of your building, which can affect the health and safety of your facility's occupants. Expert HVAC technicians diagnose the status of this critical component and communicate the optimal solution to avoid downtime, remain within budget, and ensure safety.

Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers are metal components that transfer heat from the system's fuel while preventing the air in your facility from mixing with the exhaust. Heat exchanger failures usually result from cracks caused by temperature fluctuation or rust. Heat exchanger failures release exhaust gases, including carbon monoxide, which are harmful when undetected.

Cracked Heat Exchangers

Cracked heat exchangers allow exhaust gas from the heating system to contaminate the building's air with odorless, tasteless, and harmful exhaust gases, including carbon monoxide, leading to illness and even hospitalization.

Warning Signs

Routine inspections will proactively alert professional maintenance needs, ensuring your heating system runs more efficiently, affordably, and safely.

  • Your system is not producing hot air.
  • Your system components crack and corrode.
  • You hear unusual noises.
  • Your carbon monoxide detector sounds off.
  • Your building patrons experience health issues.
  • You find soot buildup.
  • You smell unpleasant odors.
  • Water collects around your system.


Technology is a common tool used by professional HVAC technicians as standard practice, in addition to physically observing the presence of a hole or crack. Expert technicians will test the heating system for carbon monoxide because a properly functioning system will not yield significant levels of this gas. If concerning levels of carbon monoxide are detected, reliable partnerships will diagnose the most effective action to keep your operation running efficiently and safely.

Reliable HVAC Partnerships

Following diagnosis from an expert technician, reliable HVAC partnerships will advise on the best course to efficiently and safely return your system to fully operational, whether repair or replacement. Trusted advice is vital to keep your business from avoiding valuable downtime and your system up to building code for the health and safety of your team members, vendors, and customers.


Replacing your system instead of the heat exchanger is not necessarily the guaranteed solution. Many systems have a 10-year warranty on the heat exchanger, while some are covered for 20 years to the life of the system. Expert HVAC technicians will decipher the warranty on your heat exchanger and provide the road map to decide if replacing the heat exchanger or the entire furnace is the optimal solution for your business.

Partnering with RMS

RMS understands the importance of installing high-quality heating systemsthat meet your needs. Our team of experts provides customized solutions that optimize your units and implement cost-reducing energy efficiencies.